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Sign up today on SCS Bank through "Rewards" button and earn:


Sign up on SCS Bank

  •  100 SCS Bank credits to your SCS Bank account 

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  • 10 Credits to refer SCS Bank on Facebook

Celebrate your Birthday

  • 100 credits on your birthday

Place an order on SCS Bank Marketplace

  • SCS Bank credit for every $1.00 GBP spent on our website.

Way to redeem your Points/credits

  • Order discount coupon. $1.00 off entire order for every 50 points redeemed.


Referrals Coupons awarded.

  • Advocate Reward: discount Off Coupon with a minimum order value to earn this coupon.
  • Friend Reward: $2.50 Off Coupon, the minimum order must be $25.00 to earn this coupon.

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