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We are grateful to be able to share US Patented products and philosophy with the world. Natures Frequencies products reflect a commitment to excellence and innovation from around the globe. 

Here we provide diverse lifestyle essentials which can be found in our retail model, providing a variety of potential sources for members of SCS Bank to earn an income.

Through our team of affiliates, members, and customers SCS Bank is committed to bringing new and unique products which will improve lives of many and the planet we live on.

What are natures frequencies?

Natural frequency, also known as eigenfrequency, is the frequency at which a system tends to oscillate in the absence of any driving or damping force.

The motion pattern of a system oscillating at its natural frequency is called the normal mode (if all parts of the system move sinusoidally with that same frequency).

If the oscillating system is driven by an external force at the frequency at which the amplitude of its motion is greatest (close to a natural frequency of the system), this frequency is called resonant frequency.

Free vibrations of an elastic body are called natural vibrations and occur at a frequency called the natural frequency. Natural vibrations are different from forced vibrations which happen at the frequency of an applied force (forced frequency). If the forced frequency is equal to the natural frequency, the vibrations' amplitude increases manyfold. This phenomenon is known as resonance.

Nature Frequencies Products


The Food Freshness Card 

Food Freshness Card™ is the newest US Patented Award-Winning Technology in the food world. Independently laboratory tested to keep your food fresher up to 50% longer for many fruits, vegetables, and breads.

Simple to usePlace the Food Freshness Card in your refrigerator, under your fruit bowl, in your bread box, or anywhere food is stored. Guaranteed to last 1 year.


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screen-shot-2020-03-03-at-23.45.12.pngTHE EMF SHIELD  
Protect yourself from the harmful effects of non-ionizing EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation. For use on:
Cell phones
Smart Meters
Smart TV’s 
Devices sending & receiving electronic data
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The Earthing Card +
The Earthing Card + is a revolutionary, carbon-fiber effective & easy to use, earthing technology that works naturally to assist with improving your overall health & well-being. 
Powered by Nature’s Frequencies proprietary Biofield Resonance Technology (BRT), the powerful programming in this card has the ability to interface with the natural harmonic resonance of water based products. Simply wave the Earthing Card + over your items to enjoy the benefits of Earth’s grounding energy. Within seconds you may experience a wide array of positive effects such as: energy, efficiencies, and even increased taste. 
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The Relief Patch
A technology driven breakthrough in Health & Wellness, Nature’s Frequencies Relief Patch utilizes a unique, energy packed delivery system designed to assist with circulation,  energy, and recovery.
Nature’s Frequencies Relief Patch is designed to provide greater availability of patented energy, frequencies, and vibrations into the body, with no-absorption through the skin.
Experience the true power of energy. Reported benefits include discomfort relief, mental acuity, circulation support, improved health and general well-being, and more. 

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The Burn Patch
People want to lose weight for a multitude of reasons. Some of which include improving their quality of life, health , or regaining a sense of control.
Some people experience a special “moment” that propels them into taking action towards losing weight. This might be from a conversation with a friend or loved one, a realization that their weight is impeding their lifestyle, or direct doctor’s orders. Nature’s Frequencies Burn Patch is infused with many of the most powerful, proven weight loss ingredients to assist with detox, weight management, and the body’s metabolism .
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  • The Nitro Patch
  • Getting the right levels of Nitric Oxide is important to your health  studies show healthy NO levels  may support  circulation, healthy blood pressure, arterial function, and more. The Nature’s Frequencies Nitro Patch is designed to assist with:
  • Endurance
  • Fatigue
  • Circulation 
  • Athletic performance 
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The Immunity Patch
Nature’s Frequencies Immunity Patch utilizes a unique, energy packed delivery system to assist in your overall wellness.
Immunity Patches are placed on specialized acupuncture meridians designed to aid in the relief of cold and sinus issues.
Great for use when travelling, when your body is worn down, and when you feel the onset of a cold or illness. 
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