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Welcome to Online Super Charity Stores Bank = SCS Bank Marketplace

Join the world’s leading charity commerce platform

Reach hundreds of millions of consumers across the world by selling & buying on SCS Bank Marketplace.


SCS Bank is a Goods Charity Bank & Marketplace, for all Charities, Non profit, NGOs, Civil societies, Churches and Individuals to Sale online, buy discounted products, Raise money, meet donors, investors and many more 

 Sign up on SCS Bank Worldwide Marketplace today, It is free to sign up and it will always be free.

screen-shot-2020-03-19-at-10.17.44.png         Or go to  screen-shot-2020-03-19-at-11.09.07.png                      screen-shot-2020-03-19-at-11.03.30.png

The Best Home Business on SCS Bank.

No Registration fees or upfront payment, No marketing phone calls. Just register for free and you will be on your way to achieve your dreams.

Sign up to day on SCS Bank and earn:

  •  100 SCS Bank credits to your SCS Bank account scs-bank-marketplace-1-.jpg
  • 10 Credits to refer SCS Bank on Facebook
  • 100 credits on your birthday
  • 1 SCS Bank credit for every $1.00 spent on our website.
  • Redeeming the credits. US $1.00 off entire order for every 50 points redeemed.

This is not all; 

  1. Sign up as a Seller/Merchant and start selling your product/items on SCS Bank worldwide marketplace. We charge 3% from every completed sale.
  2. Referrals Coupons awarded.
    • Gain an advocate Award: When you refer some one to sign up on SCS Bank and when he/she  places an order above $ get $5.00 Off Coupon
    • Gain Friend Reward:  When you refer some one to sign up on SCS Bank and when he/she  places an order above $25 and below $50 you get $2.50 Off Coupon. 
  3. Scratch Cards. We offer our customers also a chance to win fabulous prizes.
  4. Wheel of Fortune: Play our wheel of fortune to win from 2% to 20% discount coupons and cash
  5. Raffle Tickets In our Raffles we have added bonus of getting a chance of winning one of our great Raffle prizes.  So, why not buy a ticket and give your support to SCS Bank and maybe get something in return.
  6. Refer a Product on SCS Bank to friends and relatives and earn 5% commission when a referred product is bought by the person your referred the product to.sold.
  7. Affiliate Program. Refer one person to sign up on SCS Bank and start earning 3% commissions and 15% discount coupon,  from every product purchased bv this one person and every person this one person refer to sign up as an affiliate on SCS Bank.
  8.  GifE-CardsProgramGive the Perfect Gift. Send a gift instantly in any amount you choose to your beloved ones, friends and relatives..
  9. Vouchers. We offer gift vouchers, which you can purchase instantly and access immediately, print, email, or mobile vouchers, you may send directly from our website to your friends or relatives or anyone. These vouchers are only redeemed on SCS Bank marketplace online. 
  10. Gift Certificates. SCSC Bank Online Gift Certificates can be purchased and are sent via e-mail, to the email address provided when purchasing.  
  11. Gifts of Faith. A Gift of Faith is a special SCS Bank donation of money and goods, given out twice in a year to either to any registered Charities, Non profit, NGOs, Civil societies, Churches, Individuals member,  customer, registered organisation, Volunteer, or Donor 
  12. Cash for Stuff. “Do you want to exchange your stuff/goods for cash!” – no problem, we’ll give you cash for your goods.”  

        ...Watch more of our videos for more information, instructions and guidelines by Clicking Here                                            



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