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  • SCS Bank in its own discretion, calculate payments, fees, disbursements, penalties, or any other amounts due to or from the merchants, members and affiliates (the “Amounts”) based on USD and / or local currency amounts as defined under Currency Settings.
  • SCS Bank uses exchange rates obtained from a third party to make currency conversions. SCS Bank, in its own discretion, adjust or alter the exchange rate when converting from one currency to another without notice.
  • Amounts and Penalties in Local Currency
  • Amounts may be issued in the merchant's, members and affiliate local currency or USD.
  • To learn more about the CNY penalty amounts specifically, please check out this FAQ here.
  • Merchants, members and affiliates Payments in Local Currency
  • Merchants, members and affiliates may be paid in their local currency as defined under a SCS Bank Currency Settings. Payments are subject to the existing Fees and Payments policy.
  • Payments are calculated based on the cost of the products in the merchant's, member's and affiliate's local currency.

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