Cash for Stuff

“Do you want to exchange your stuff/goods for cash!” – no problem, we’ll give you cash for your goods.”

Are you having a clear-out at home? And you notice you’ve got some pretty high value stuff lying around that you don’t need any more – and your thoughts are; “I really need to sell these stuff/goods” but you’re not sure the best way of doing it…screen-shot-2020-01-10-at-12.58.29.png

Well, simply head down to SCS Bank near you, or complete Cash for stuff form and will come to your home/office, and you can make instant cash on all your good valuable stuff/goods. Whether you’re looking to make a bit of money to put towards a holiday, have an unforeseen expense to cover, or just want to make a bit of space by clearing out your clutter, we offer a fast, friendly and reliable service.


Selling stuff you no longer want, or exchanging goods for something you need, is the smart way to trade; it’s a great alternative to online auction sites, or Sunday markets, or Carboot, where you’ll have fees to pay on any sale you make.

Having a local and international goods bank where you can buy, sell and exchange goods is great news for everyone around the world.

Our goods bank is the easy and instant way to pick up a bargain, and can provide a cost-efficient alternative to buying other expensive bargains online, we usual deliver free, saving on postage costs, or buying brand new – which means a much higher price tag.

It doesn’t make sense to throw perfectly good items away when there’s a ‘cash for goods’ option – so leave the landfill for another day and make money the easy way with SCS Bank!

What stuff can I sell or Exchange with SCS Bank?

Any stuff or goods, except Military equipment, Police material and equipment,what-we-buy.png Guns, Knives, Porngrahic material and equipment, Cigarettes, Electronic smoking material and equipment, alcohol or any equipment or material that encourages crime and band social behaviour.

Also we recycle and pay you CASH for YOUR clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, neckties, purses, stockens, hats and many more; used ones, (£0.50 GBP per kilo), New ones, (50% OFF the buying price showing on the Shop price tag), all we ask is that the clothes are clean and folded. We also purchase books (£0.08 GBP per kilo), CD’s, DVD’s, Vinyl records and Cassettes (£0.12 GBP per kilo). Important: please keep books, CD’s, DVD’s separate from clothes.

However we are happy to collect damaged clothes or soiled clothes without you incurring any charges but we could not pay for these due to the cost of collection and processing.

Condition of the Stuff/goods

New. or used or refurbished. Good Working order, not soiled or torn, no stains, well painted or no major scratches, for all expirable stuff, must have a minimum of 0ne year shelf life. For vehicles, equipment and machinery; original receipts and documentations will be required.


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