101 Alternative Medicine Tips

Chapter List:

1. General Holistic Health Tips

2. Vitamins and Herbs

3. Natural Food Choices

4. Skin Remedies

Here are few tips ;

Improve your posture.

Consider “trigger point massage” for pain relief.

Try acupuncture. Try Reiki healing.

Consider a complete body cleansing.

Try to avoid television. Don’t forget to relax.

Consider biofeedback therapy.

Improve your sleeping habits.

Breathe mindfully.

Try reflexology.

Meditate for better well being.

Consider a liver flush.

Consider learning from an Alexander technique instructor.

Eat clay.

Consider “transpersonal therapy”.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Study your hands to remember your dreams.

Learn about your constitutional type.

Try yoga to overcome depression.

Pay attention to your colors.

Consider color therapy.

Try magnets for pain relief.

Try bioenergenic therapy when you are feeling depressed or tired.

Consider a whole body detoxification program.

Focus on the dance of life.

Try a natural caffeine detox.

Consider chiropractic medicine.

Consider working with a holistic athletic trainer.

Add some fun to your inner work with transpersonal art therapy.

Try Kinesiology to improve your well being.

If you believe in your body’s ability to heal itself, try osteopathy.

Become familiar with aromatherapy.

Take vitamin C prior to sun exposure.


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